Ricky, it's time.

Hello baby babies,

Riley: It has been a while since I last wrote. It has been a busy few months. Your mom and I have been taking great joy watching you develop into a wonderfully inquisitive, empathetic, joyful, intelligent, beautiful and delightfully goofy little girl.

You can add to that list of adjectives "awesome big sister".

"Baby sister": Mom and I are heading to the hospital in the morning to meet you, the newest addition to the family. We spent the last several months watching you grow, and grow, and grow inside mommy's tummy. I can't tell you how excited we are to finally see you. It has been a rather eventful pregnancy for you and mommy (I'm sure mommy will tell you all about it when you get older). While inside mommy's tummy, we have dubbed you "Peanut the Whale" because of the way you tended to flip, and dive, and swim, and flop just like a whale breaching the water. We are interested to see what all this activity might reflect about your personality. One thing is for sure, you will be born with a ton of hair- every one of your sonographers has pointed this out to us.

Girls: This weekend has been very interesting for Mommy and Daddy. A couple of days ago, we began to realize that this would be the last weekend our family would exist as a trio. How exciting! Our little family is constantly going from good to more good. Mommy and I are excited to open this new chapter in our lives.

We would tell you how the story goes. But, you two helped write it. For that, we thank you.

Love you both!

©2010 Jason & Kerry Frith