Everything after

it's now 6:49 am, April 14th 2009- exactly 7 hours since you were brought (albeit, begrudgingly) screaming into this world.  Let me say this first... nothing could have prepared us for this day.  From "Jason. Water." to us seeing you for the first time at 11 minutes to midnight, and hearing your first deafeningly silent cries.  To call the day a "whirlwind" would be quite the understatement.

You didn't cry very much at all after you came out.  That was somewhat alarming for your mom and dad.  You came out, dirty and blue, and silent.  We were expecting you to be a little bit more angry that we shut down your hot tub party. I think this is called "giving us the snub."  That's ok.  We still love you.

Soon after you were born I left mom with her doctors for them to take care of her and went with you to the nursery to see you get assessed.

It was a few minutes, in fact, before you became very vocal at all.  About midway through your assessment, you started making sounds constantly.  You continued with near-constant baby soundage for a couple of hours.  These sounds were very comforting to your mom and dad.  In fact, it was when you stopped crying, gurgling, and cooing when we freaked out just a tiny lot.

After a few hours of shock and awe (shock on your part, awe on ours) you crashed pretty hard.  So did your daddy.  Your mom, not so much.  I think she is still running on adrenaline....and morphine

You may be happy to know that after a couple hours of thoughtful contemplation, we have finally decided on your name.  You shall be called Riley Shannon Frith.  

Say hello, world!

We love you!
Mom and dad

©2010 Jason & Kerry Frith