Happy Monthday to you- May 13, 2009

Exactly one month ago today- Riley Shannon Frith (that's you) came to her proud parents at 11:49pm.  Since that time you have taken your parents on quite the ride.  In the past month, you have changed dramatically.  You had a little bit of jaundice in your first couple of weeks in the world which prevented you from gaining weight.  After getting past that issue, your weight gain has improved considerably!  When asked how your are doing, I tell people that you are eating us out of house and home.  I'm only half joking.  It is a relief to you mom and dad to not need to wake you up every few hours in order to force you to eat.  We weren't fond of that.

What we ARE fond of- is noticing that you have a little bit more fat on you every couple of days!  We love seeing the signs that you are growing and healthy

You do a very good job of telling us when you need to eat.  And honestly, that's the only time you get fussy.  You cry, we pay your ransom, you settle back down.  Done.  You're pretty predictable.  At this stage of things, Mom and Dad like predictable.  You're even predictable when you're being unpredictable.  It seems that you hit your growth spurts on Wednesday mornings, and want to be fed more often than usual on these days.  But since, we can expect this, it's really no big deal.  So, thanks for that.

When we first brought you home, you were pretty much out of it most of the time.  That being the case, i got in the habit of watching an episode of Burn Notice Season 2 while I was feeding you in those early mornings.  A week or so, whilst feeding you and enjoying the mind-numbing effects of the simulated cathode rays, i looked down and noticed that you were staring at me intently (contently?).  I have to be honest here, it kinda freaked me out.  Then you and your dad engaged in a staring contest of sorts.  Your dad won...

We have taken you out to your first couple of outings in this past week (outside of trips to grandma's house, and t the Dr.'s office to get weighed, and prodded, and your heel poked, and i-don't-know-what-all).  Last Sunday we took you to attend Kyran and Karyssa's dedication at their church.  It was your first time meeting the wondertwins, and their father Uncle Jason.  It was your second time meeting Aunt Talyse, the first time being in the hospital right after you were born.  You will see them a lot over the next few years.  You'll like them.  They're good people.

This past Friday, we took you to your first concert.  We saw "Island Close By" steel drum band.  You mom and dad are good friends with the members of the band, and they all came over to say "hi."  You seemed to like the music (the Lord Kitchener tunes were your favorite, as was the butterscotch stick), and you got so many compliments from the others at the concert.

This past Saturday, we took you to your first of many Ridge View band banquets.  Many people came by to see you and too oooh and aahhhh over you.

All of these events were very noisy, and that didn't seem to bother you in the least.  In fact, it was when we got to the quiet of the car when you started to fuss.  The noise seems to comfort you.  I guess you're like your daddy who can fall asleep watching TV like it was nothing.  Call it a talent.

Your mom and dad are amazed that we weren't even supposed to meet you until just now.  Now that we've had you for a month, it seems like we would have been cheated something so great.  We're are amazed at your progress, and development.  We feel that you are giving us glimpses of your personality.  Your dad can't wait to meet the little girl into which you are maturing.

I love you!

©2010 Jason & Kerry Frith