Ho ho hizzle

Christmas is just around the corner.  It's hard for your Mom and Dad to believe that in just a little over two years, Santa will be making his first1 of many trips to our house, parking his tiny sleigh and eight2 tiny reindeer on our roof, squeezing his plus-sized butt down our chimney, and eating up all the cookies that you helped to make

...and by "helped I mean, of course, that you watched Mom and Dad produce the cookies, then you licked the spoon and bowl which were used in their production.

You won't realize this for a while, but your parents will do a LOT of work during the christmas season to make it happen for you.  It's not a simple matter of allowing the jolly ole elf into our home so he can satiate his needs for contra-Kleptomania

Your mom and Dad both loved Christmas when they were your age (The age you are as you are reading this, by the way).  They are both chomping at the bit to see the holiday as reflected in the eyes of their own child. That's you, by the way.

And lest I forget, let me  go ahead and address one of the most pressing questions of the whole holiday season.  The answer is: "Magic key"


1. Since you will be so small, and won't remember the event anyway, we will probably tell Santa that he can skip coming to our house on your first Christmas.  This is a standard courtesy, and will give Ho Ho a little bit of extra time with other little boys and girls.
2. That number has been thrown into debate since 1939.  Also in debate is the possible existence of bioluminescent nasal structures.

©2010 Jason & Kerry Frith